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Sunday, November 21, 2010

EFA HOLIDAY GUiDE for Dogs & Dog Lovers... part one

Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs & Dog Lovers - Part I

Welcome to EFA’s Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs & Dog Lovers: a Holiday Gift Guide with a difference. Not only do all the items featured make wonderful gifts for canines & their human counterparts, but by purchasing any of these products you are also supporting others who care about animals, look after animals of their own &, in many cases, also donate their time &/or money to animals in need.

Although this guide is a collaboration between EFA members Jane (thedoghouse) & Lisa (theanimalsmagicshop / thefaeriecupboard), we thought we’d let the animals do the talking. This first part is brought to you by Jane’s greyhounds, Max & Molly...

Molly, Jane & Max

We don’t think that us dogs (or animals of any kind for that matter) make good Christmas presents. However, we think that Christmas is a great time to spoil us rotten & we’ve sniffed our way through lots of EFA members’ shops to find lots of awesome ways you can do this !

This colourful Snuggle Sack from Rendachs looks so warm & cozy - we wish we could climb right in there now & take a nap away from all this horrible Winter weather! Made by EFA member Danielle, you can even personalise it with your own dog’s name. We would like one each please, with our names on to avoid mix-ups!

Danielle says:

“Charitable giving carries Chilly Paws’ values by supporting causes that reflect our passions and priorities. We offer donations to various charities as each one contacts us with requests for help.

EFA channels our desire to help - we give a little each month to the chosen charity of the month. We often make items specifically to benefit a cause - this month we are making squeaker toys to benefit a lab rescue group in New York state.

Giving back is a way of life for us at Chilly Paws and Featuring Animals. We identify a pet cause that has a connection to the core of who we are and commit to help. We encourage humane animal care, call attention to unacceptable practices that harm our beloved creatures and provide care for many animals in need from domestics to exotics.

All of us have the potential to be nature's voice.”

We were attracted to the cheerful Christmas colours & bold patterns in this set of postcards from The Blue Windmill. We don’t really understand why any human would want to send a card that didn’t have a picture of one of us on it, but if they did then we think these ones made by EFA member Heather would be a nice choice !

Heather doesn’t have a dog of her own but she has a Doxie nephew, Langley, whose beautiful red coat is surely the inspiration behind these lovely cards. Here he is, sleeping in front of the fire after exhausting himself gnawing on his favourite bone (Do you think he would notice if we borrowed it ?):

Apparently Langely is a bit of a chaser, especially when it comes to squirrels. We hope he doesn’t chase away Santa Clause this Christmas, otherwise he won’t be receiving any of his favourite peanut treats!

Heather says:

“The inspiration for my artwork is centered around nature and animals for their beauty and wonder. I donate a portion of my profits to various charities, with a concentration on animal charities, such as the Audubon Society, Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, Marine Mammal Center, Help Animals India, Farm Sanctuary, and Defenders of Wildlife.

I advocate for animals through written articles on the EFA blog, participation in EFA’s charity of the month, and volunteering as challenge promoter for our team. I enjoy helping out my fellow artisans and crafters as well as animals!”

As dogs with rather long necks ourselves, we think this elevated feeding station from Merlin's Bark Products would make for a most comfortable, not to mention stylish, dining experience! EFA member Sherry can makes these in lots of different heights & colours too, so you can tailor them to your dog’s anatomy and aesthetics!

Sherry says:

“We enjoy supporting small local grassroots organizations like the Lawrenceville dog park initiative by donating feeders to charity events to help with their fundraising. It is exciting to see a how a small group of animal lovers were brought together with one simple common goal of creating an off-leash dog park so pups can run free and play together and seeing how it has grown and is close to becoming a reality.”

We think your humans might like this beautiful round rainbow silk tapestry box from Brizel4TheAnimals
. (She can make one in your favourite colours too) You could use it to keep important things in, that we are not meant to find & chew, but it does have a playful puppy dog button on top so we know you would still be thinking of us !

Perhaps EFA member Nicole was thinking of her dog, Merlin, when she made this box. Merlin is a shy boy but here he is pictured with Puppy Dreams:

Merlin has been with Nicole since he was a pup... abandoned at the vets door along with his siblings shortly after their birth... they were bottle fed & reared there until they were 3 mo old. She visited them every couple of days & waited patiently until Merlin & his sister, Nimue, came to live with her :)

Nicole says:

“I own some 20 acres up in the mountains of no. Cal where I have planted orchards and floral gardens. This habitat attracts birds, butterflies, bees, bats, hummingbirds... and it is also a seasonal mating ground for dragonflies ! Twilight is part of a 2000 acre ranch out in the chaparral wilderness where wild animals still roam. I work to provide a safe loving home for my animal rescues; I participate in EFA's COTM program*; and volunteer as Co-Secretary & Blog Mistress for TEAM EFA.”

*20% of all Nicole’s Silk Tapestry Box sales will be donated to animal charities: 10% to Team EFA's CHARiTY OF THE MONTH & 10% to DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE.

A walk is something we dogs just can’t go without, & we can’t do that without a good lead. This one from The Mod Dog is not only long & sturdy but also bright & colourful. We love this festive orange colour, but EFA member Kyra can make this leash in 25 different colours, so you can make sure yours co-ordinates with your dog!

Wow! Aren’t Kyra’s dogs Bella and Noodles gorgeous? (Jealous? Us? Never!)

Bella & Noodles are the reason Kyra started making collars & leashes. And now she gets to be with them all day long, because she can work from home. “This is the best job in the world and I get to work with the best dogs! Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way to make this possible.”

Kyra says:

“I have been a volunteer with the Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue for about three years. I mainly help with transporting dogs and doing home checks for potential adopters. I also donate collars and a portion of every sale to this rescue and to other dog rescues."

We like this set of Christmas towels from Faeriegood
. We think they’d be great for drying us off after we get back from a wet walk... However, we suspect your human might love these cute bell ringing huskies that EFA member Carol has made too much to let you muddy them up!

We wish we had a bit more fur, like Carol’s Alaskan Malamute Arielle:

Carol says:

“I have been involved in Northern Breed Rescue for many years now, ever since I rescued Peter my first Siberian Husky who is close to 13yrs old.I currently donate 10% from most of my sales to the dogs at S*N*O

I like them because they have a special area for dogs deemed too old, or having too many health problems that are owner surrenders or taken from the pound and less likely to be adopted, so they can still have a forever home with lots of love and attention in the home of the lady who runs this org. You can read many interesting stories about some of the dogs who have come through their doors and been cared for and placed in a new forever loving home and are thriving today. Foley is my second rescued Sibe who came from them. He's about 7 or 8 we are guessing, since his history didn't come with him and he's been with me for 5 yrs now.

You can visit my rescues on my blog and see the pampered lives they now lead.

The other important thing that I appreciate about S*N*O is that they work with potential adoptees and do counseling and to make sure they will be a good match and what is required for owning this breed, and they are always available once they place a dog if there are adjustment issues or questions the new parents might run into. Follow up is the key to success. The dog can be returned to them if it doesn't work out, with no judgements, because they truly want what's best for everyone, especially the dog. We all know that not all breeds are suited for everyone and these folks work hard to make sure the owners will be a good match for the dogs so everyone will have a happy ending.

Please choose a shelter or rescued dog before thinking about buying one from a pet store or back yard breeder because they need you and it will help to end these practices if we don't support them. And remember an animal is a commitment not a commodity. Thanks!”

This furry retriever plushie from DogBarks
looks like someone we’d like to snuggle up with on the couch ! You might even persuade us to share Radcliff with the kids ;-) He would certainly make a lovely gift for someone who dreams of having a dog of their own but perhaps isn’t able to for whatever reason.

EFA member Patty who made this plushie doesn’t have a dog of her own but wants one soooo badly... We think all-round animal lover & guinea-pig Mom Patty would make a fantastic human companion & hope that a loving doggie adopts her one day when the time is right!

Patty says:

“My animal charity work began with my local shelter when I decided to become a cat cage sponsor. After several months of learning more about the shelter, I was encouraged to participate in the annual Woofstock Dog Walk Fundraiser. Though it was not at all profitable for me, I had a blast! So many great people and friendly dogs from Chi's to Irish Wolfhounds. I also support The Feral Cat Rescue, October's charity of the month, by making regular catnip toys for the ferals to play with and hope to continue with a financial donation on a monthly basis. Many of my cat and dogs have gone off to support various shelters as well.”

We are drooling already at this stocking full of dog cookies from Lainey's Pawtique & Bakery ! We think EFA member Judy’s cookies would make the perfect gift for any dog this Christmas - yum!

Looks like Judy’s dogs Chloe, Autumn & Lainey are all tired out after helping test those cookies. Wonder if they need a couple more helper-dogs?

Judy says:

“As part of my Baking I also like to give back to the babies..I donate money to many different places. Some of my favorites are http://www.curecaninecancer.org/ As I had One of my babies NOT live through her Breast Cancer and My other girl Chloe(Lab in picture) LIVE through Triple Mastectomy!

I also Donate to ASPCA, Another favorite is Tails of Hope, http://tailsofhopefoundation.org/index.html I also donate money to facebook chip-in's to help transport or vet or fostering babies! I WISH I could Spring and or heal them ALL but Can't so this is my little way of helping where I can.”


We hope you have enjoyed the first part of this Gift Guide. Stay tuned for Part II, where Lisa’s Siberian Husky, Sky, will be sharing another 8 fabulous holiday gift ideas for dog(-lovers)s!


  1. So wonderfurr !
    THANKS so much Max, Molly & Jane :)
    and I'm looking forward to part two...

  2. SO awesome! Thank you Jane, Max, Molly, and the wonderful EFA members and animal companions featured :0)

  3. Thank you for posting this Nicole - it was such fun to put together! I'm looking forward to the 2nd part too ;-) jx

  4. Thanks for showcasing OUR Babies! Its nice to read HOW Our EFA Artists donate their time and Money to help the FurBalls! AND OMD!!!!! the pictures of the babies are just ADORABLE I Want to eat them up! (but I wont of course)

    You did Awesome work Jane Max & Molly....*take a Bow!

  5. Oh, how I love this. I don't have a dog, but looking at all these beauties made me think of the dogs that blessed my childhood. Bella and Noodles look like they are ready for lots of fun.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour through these lovely shops and learning about who they support. Wonderful!!

  7. This is really wonderful!!
    I love reading about all the artists and how they help make a difference in this world!!!
    Thanks Jane, Lisa, Carol, Nicole!!!!

  8. Great article! Love knowing these awesome artists do their wonderful works inspired by their adorable dogs!

  9. Thanks for all the inspiring gift ideas and the insight into the lives of the crafters behind them. All of us working together in an effort to help our various rescues is bound to have a big impact on the lives of these dogs and I hope by people reading more on this subject we will gain more numbers because the need is great!

    Arielle and her buddies wish for a happy and safe holidays to all our friends and furries out there in etsyland!!And hope you remember to make your dollars count and shop home made to help the animals!Thanks!

  10. What Lovely items for the pooches!


  11. Max and Molly did a wonderful job on this Gift Guide, and so did their person, Jane! Beautiful ideas and very reasonable prices for high quality items. Best of all, purchasing from these sellers helps animals in need! Yay Team EFA!!

  12. I'm all about those Doxie pictures! I wish I lived in a colder climate so I could get one of those snuggle blankets for my girls!
    Nicole-- That is a great shot of your box (ahem) Is that from the new batch of pics?

  13. Great features, great artists, great causes, EFA is GRRRRRREAT!!!


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