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Saturday, September 27, 2008

APPEAL: VSPCA Needs Help to Rescue Animals in India Floods

Catastrophic flooding has endangered millions of large and small animals in the state of Orissa in Eastern India. The Visakha SPCA (VSPCA) is responding to assist these animals, but they need our help.

Please read the following letter from Pradeep Nath, founder and president of the Visakha SPCA, and visit the VSPCA website for more information, and to see all the work they are doing to help animals in India. You can donate to the VSPCA via PayPal here.

The VSPCA Cow Sanctuary was EFA's charity of the month in March 2008.

Dear Friends,

Unable to bear the current flooding in the Orrisa coastal areas of India (about 300 kms from us), I write this appeal to all those who might be able to help the animals in 14 districts affected – more than half of Orrisa!

After the recent flooding our teams have been working in the West Godavari district (south of us) and the Srikakulam areas (north) – these areas are now improving. Our appeal now is to tackle a greater challenge that has driven half of the state of Orrisa into a crisis. Government funding is coming in to help in this dire situation, and we are lobbying and appealing for aid to help the animals in these regions as well. The animals urgently need fodder and medicine, and abandoned and homeless animals need to be rescued. But we have to lead by example, sending our teams in right now. Ever since the Mahanadi river started to rise, we have been following the situation by coordinating and joining with other NGO's. Since May 2008, many areas were devastated with continuous rains overlowing river embankments and rendering all helpless, breaking down all communications and collapsing of bridges that stopped many railways.

We have just now been able to get the latest Orissa situation reports from the Director of Animal Husbandry (please contact us for these documents). 2554 villages and over a million large and small animals need immediate help in Orissa.

To those of you worldwide, we send this urgent message to appeal for your kind financial donation that will be wisely and carefully used in remedying this crisis, and look forward to letting you know later on that much has been accomplished.

To those of you here in India, if you are willing to support our teams in any manner please to get in touch with us. We need all forms of assistance, including veterinarians, experts and those with strong wills to deal with the situation (all materials and equipment needed will be supplied.)

Thanking you,
Pradeep Nath
Founder and President, Visakha SPCA

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