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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vegan Etsy - Team Feature

Etsy has a handful of teams which we at Etsy For Animals consider our sister teams. We share many common members. But more importantly, we share a common origin, which is, an inherent love for animals.

One such team is Veganetsy.

Veganetsy is "an etsy team made up of vegans that maintain completely vegan shops. Many of us give a percentage of our sales to animal charities. Our focus is on promoting buying handmade items, supporting vegans and vegan education."

The team was started by Molly of Emma's K9 Kitchen who sells delicious vegan doggie treat recipes tested and approved by Emma.


To find items made by the artists of Veganetsy, please do a tag search on etsy for "Veganetsy Team".


  1. Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  2. Congratulations to VeganEtsy on getting one of the Etsy Team grants!


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