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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little bit fabulous

Cyn borrowed that title for her treasury and I'm now borrowing it from her for the title of this collection of EFA featuring treasuries :)

So we start with Cyn's truly fabulous treasury "A little bit fabulous"
This one Cyn personally requested me to add to the blog and she's never done that before despite the many many EFA treasuries she's created. So it's obviously a treasury very close to her heart. Any any treasury important to Cyn is automatically important to us! :)

Cyn also has one at Treasury West and the theme is a fun one "Faces"

cricketappollo convoed me with a link to "EFA collection for critters". It's a beautiful treasury full of earthy colors and textures.

And finally another "Bindi's BNR" by ShaggyChic. This 5th in the series has a MINTY FRESH theme.

Please support all these treasuries.

-Susmitha :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow thank you Cyn for including me in your little-bit-of-fabulous!

    I'm blushing with pride and will add a link to this post on my blog.
    Sara xx


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