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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

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to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shops that Sell Bath and Body Products


Ten years ago I began Unique Garden Essences, a product line that focuses on the holistic uses of essential oils, herbs and flowers (from my garden and the gardens' of my friends). While, due to popular request, you will now find some high quality fragrance oils used from time to time, you still will never find any chemical preservatives added. Please visit my shop at http://uniquegarden.etsy.com/.
My favorite charity is the Highland County Humane Society Animal Shelter. They operate completely on donations and love, while servicing a very large rural area. Always overcrowded, often caring for ill or injured "throw away" animals, they are the only alternative to the animal control Warden (you know what they do after 3 days) in my area! So, for July, I am donating 10% of my Unique Treat Dog Bones shop profits to them.

I am excited to be a new member of EFA, and I happy be hosting the category "Stores that Sell Bath and Body Products". If your shop fits into this category please leave a comment with the following information:

* Your name and the link to your store
* A brief description of what you sell in your shop
* How you donate to charity (percent of sales, percent of profits, certain items, etc.)
* Which charity or charities you donate to, and their links
* A link to one or two items that you would like to have featured


If you visit Pigatopia, http://www.pigatopia.etsy.com/, you will find lovely quilted squares, beautiful animal watercolors and many other animal related crafts. But you will also find the cutest glycerine soaps that I have ever seen. There are seven colors and 29 different scents for you to choose from when purchasing the natural, shea butter enhanced, or goats milk enhanced glycerine pig soap. Don't feel like washing with an animal today? Go with floral instead. Try her beautiful rose soap which also comes in your choice of scent and color. Whichever you choose, you are sure to be pleased, and sure to start some interesting conversations when guests spot this unique soap!

Shannon, the owner of Pigatopia, has been creating arts and crafts as long as she can remember. She utilizes gardening and her art to relieve the stresses in life, and she uses all of the money generated from the sale of her shop items to pay for the food, shelter, and Veterinary bills of abused, abandon, and rescued animals. Shannon currently cares for 13 pigs, 8 dogs, and one cat, all of whom were rescued. Some had families that no longer wanted them, a couple where abandon after years of abuse, yet others had to find a new home due to health issues. No matter the reason, Shannon is dedicated to their care, and Pigatopia helps to support her efforts.


http://www.lvsbeadsnthings.etsy.com aka, LV's Twisted Whiskers Creations, offers a variety of animal inspired products. When you are tired and in need of relaxing you can try the "dog day afternoon" bath salts, or, for an unique gift or a lovely treat for yourself, try one of the beautiful, hand-painted soaps. The shop currently has a listing for a pair of gorgeous, plumaria scented wolves. It truly is difficult to distinguish whether these white and grey wolves are soap bars or precious pieces of art! Make no mistake though, they are fully functional. The tops are painted and clear coated, so as long as you use from the bottom, the paint on top will remain intact.You'll probably have a difficult time deciding to whether to use them or to display them!

Of course, one of the best thing about this shop is the owner's love of animals. She cannot remember a time in her life when she wasn't surrounded by animals, and she loves all kinds, domestic and wild. It is because of that deep love that she has listed many of her products with a declaration that a percentage of their sale price will go to one of the causes she supports, which she then names in the item description. Currently she donates to the Priest River Animal Rescue, PRAR, www.pranimalrescue.org., Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue, AWBAR, http://AWBAR.etsy.com, and the Defenders of Wildlife Org, http://www.defenders.org/index.php


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