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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

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who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

EFA Member Directory

Announcement: The EFA Member Directory on this blog will no longer be maintained. Please visit our new website at http://efaartistshelpinganimals.org, and create a log-in, using your Etsy shop name as both Name and Username, so we can add your name to the member list there. Thanks to all who contributed to the member directory!


Calling all EFA members! I am trying to make an EFA member directory based on the items sold at each member's shop. I am not sure if this is the most efficient way of doing this but for the first version, I'll try it like this.

Each category will be administered by a willing EFA member, preferably someone who also sells items in that category. EFA members that would like to be added to the category either convo the caretaker or leave a comment on the page for the category. The caretaker will then add the shop to the category and delete the comment. Any questions regarding that category should be directed to the caretaker.

If a category is missing (and lots will be), offer to be the caretaker of the missing category. If you would like to take on a category, please convo elephantdance.


  1. Stores Donating to Animal Charity (maintained by ElephantDance)
  2. Animal Art (maintained by AnnRan)
  3. Bath & Body (maintained by UniqueGarden)
  4. Beads (maintained by artbysusmitha)
  5. Fabric Accessories (maintained by HazelHoney)
  6. Glass, Pottery, and Ceramic Artists (maintained by JCollander)
  7. Housewares (maintained by kellybot)
  8. Jewelry (maintained by aimeedars)
  9. Miniature Sculptures (maintained by artbysusmitha)
  10. Pet Fashion (maintained by dogonwear)
  11. Pet Toys and Treats (maintained by UniqueTreatDogBones)
  12. Photography (maintained by artbysusmitha)
  13. Upcycled / Recycled (maintained by tackyhandmade)


  1. Will stores be in multiple categories, like "shops donating to animal charities" and their main category like "jewelry" or "ACEOs"?

    I'm happy to be the caretaker for jewelry if we're having that kind of category.

    Aimee (aimeedars)

  2. Thanks! you're all set. Anyone else want to try a category?

  3. How about a Miniature Sculptures category? I'd be happy to be the caretaker.

  4. Since there doesn't seem to be too much response for the Miniature Sculptures category, I think I can handle another category :)

    I'll do Photography!

  5. Here is the new category post:

    I figured out how to change the date so it's August 1st 2007 :)

  6. Hello everyone. So happy to be hosting the category for shops that Recycle or Upcycle.
    Convo me, so I can get you listed!

  7. Catergory request
    Handmade fabric accessories
    I'd be happy to maintain this one.
    Or if anyone has a better name for this catergory please post!!

  8. Thanks hazelhoney - I've just emailed you.


  9. I will also be in multiple catagories, miniature sculptures and dog toy & treats. Also shops donating to animal charities so what do we do, pick one?

    If so, I guess I would fall under dog treats & toys as I sell the most of those.

  10. For now, you can submit yourself to more than one category. Just make sure you read the directions for each of the categories because the directions may be different.


  11. How about a fiber arts category? For us handspinners, knitters, crocheters, felters....
    What ya think?
    Three Bunnies Yarn Co.

  12. Looks like I've turned into a category curating freak! =oP

    Here's the latest one I will be maintaining El:

    Please link it into the main directory :)

  13. What about a category for elevated dog (and cat) bowls? And something for outdoor "pet" items like birdhouses, bat houses, etc?


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