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Friday, November 02, 2007

Request from CozyCats

The following appeal by cozycats has appeared in the forums at Etsy and I wondered if any pet owner has experience of this or knows anyone who has. I will let cozycats speak for herself :-

"I'm a freelance writer in my "day" job. My current assignment is an ebook about pet separation anxiety. I need to include some experiences that real pet owners have had with PSA. So, if you have experienced PSA with a pet please tell me your story! I don't guaranty that I'll use every one, and of course I'll change the names or you can use whatever names you want when you tell the story to protect your privacy. You can convo me if you want to share a story or email me through my blog:http://www.cozycatscarves.squarespace.com "

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