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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Turlock Hen Rescue and Animal Place

"On February 22nd and 23rd, 2012, Animal Place – with the help of Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary and Farm Sanctuary – coordinated the largest rescue of farmed animals in California history. A&L Poultry, an egg farm located in Turlock, CA. stopped feeding 50,000 caged hens, leaving the birds without food for more than two weeks.”

The Stanislaus Animal Services Agency received a call by a concerned citizen late Tuesday regarding a property at 9501 S. Carpenter Road, just west of Turlock, where an estimated 50,000 abandoned chickens were left without being fed for about two weeks. An estimated 17,000 chickens were found dead upon arrival.

Annette Patton, Executive Director of the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency, explained that her agency seized the property, rented to A&L Poultry and took control of the animals on Tuesday and responded on Wednesday. Upon arriving at the egg farm, an estimated 17,000 chickens were found dead as they were destroyed out of their cages inside the buildings. 

“Words cannot describe what we saw,” said Patton. 

Hello, my name is Anne Kenney and I started Annabel’s Lil’ Rescue Hen Vegan Bakery on Etsy in remembrance of the 50,000 hens left to starve to death in Turlock, CA last year in order to raise money for rescued animals. It’s because the Animal Place Sanctuary rescue of 4,100 hens was so profound I was moved to start a non-profit vegan bakery to raise money for Animal Place. I also donate to Harvest Home and United Poultry Concerns and care for rescued hens at home.

I nominated Animal Place because of their will. It is their will to make the world a better place.  And it’s their will to prove that the impossible is possible. They can turn wishful thinking into reality. They are an educated, dedicated group of hard working people with one goal: to end animal suffering. 

Editor's note: If you'd like to watch Animal Place's rescue story on the Turlock Hens- you can click HERE to watch their YouTube video. For those visually sensitive- pls note that it contains live footage of what was found at A&L Poultry and includes images of dead and half dead chickens. It is a sobering reality check of factory farmed chickens. If you want to skip that part- begin watching after the first 2 mins.

Animal Place proved that no rescue is too big; no job too hard. When the county said “no” they said “yes”. Animal Place said stop euthanizing the hens and give them to us…..thousands and thousands of sick hens didn’t scare them because their will was too strong. Animal Place has the will to counteract horrible acts with loving kindness in this day and age when there is so much cruelty towards animals. They proved that where there is a will there is a way.  Yes we can save these fellow creatures. And they really need us to try!

Animal place is well organized and full of hard working people who truly love animals. They have the ability to bring people together and focus donations the efforts of volunteers to get the job done. They not only rescued the remaining hens but found homes for all of them!

I am both inspired and grateful for Animal Place’s efforts on behalf of the animals. I personally have adopted 9 Turlock hens and will forever be changed by this experience. Animal Place did an act of kindness for the hens and they filled my yard with joy, invaluable joy. 

I can’t explain how life changing it has been to know a battery hen that survived insurmountable odds with the help of a very willful group of people. Thank you Animal Place!

Animal Place is our featured 
February Charity of the Month



  1. What kind of monster DOES that?

    It is absolutely splendid that all the remaining hens found homes! Inspiring work, Animal Place!

  2. Inspiring is just the word I was looking for!


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