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Thursday, February 07, 2013

More About our COTM... Animal Place

More About our COTM...

nominated by Anne of AnnabelsLilRescueHen
Written by Animal Place

Company Overview

"Animal Place is one of the largest and oldest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the country. Animal Place operates a 600-acre permanent refuge home to hundreds of cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and goats. Animal Place's second facility - Rescue Ranch - is located on 60-acres and rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes farm animals with a special emphasis on hens from the egg industry. Each year, more than 2,500 chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep and other farmed animals find new homes through Rescue Ranch."

Animal Place’s Position 
on “Humane” Meat, Dairy, and Eggs

"Animal Place opposes any endeavor that results in the slaughter of animals for their flesh, regardless of the type of farm on which they are raised. Animal Place does not support the use of farmed animals for their milk, eggs, or fiber, regardless of how animals are cared for on the farm. Animal Place promotes a vegan lifestyle because this is the only sure way to provide a humane diet."


"Since 1989, Animal Place has advocated for farmed animals. And in recent years, more of the rescued animals at our 600-acre sanctuary and 60-acre adoption facility arrive from farms touting themselves as purveyors of “humane” meat, milk, and eggs. Some farms have received stamps of approval from third-party agencies or market retailers."

On Welfare Change

"Improving the lives of farmed animals is important, but it will not end farmed animal suffering. Giving more space or stopping mutilations does not make the slaughter of an animal more palatable. 

Although Animal Place supports animal welfare improvements because the degree of cruelty on most farms is egregious and the problem enormous, it does not believe that this is the answer to the problems. 

Improving conditions under which nonhumans are raised is not reason enough to justify their slaughter or exploitation. It cannot be justified with labels meant to create a false sense of kindness. 

Animal Place believes that most people care about animals. We feel animal advocates should focus on: 

• Educating consumers about how animals are raised and slaughtered on industrial and small farms,

• Showing that there are ample scientific, rational, and emotional reasons to shift our food choices towards more plants, less animal products,

• Offering tools  in a nonjudgmental fashion to help consumers transition away from animal products in ways that maximize success,

• Introducing people to the intricate and emotional world of farmed animals and show how they are no different than companion dogs or cats."

Farm Animals as Companions

"With appropriate space and care, rescued farm animals are wonderful companions. Animal Place supports the adoption of farm animals into lifelong homes. Animal Place encourages adopters of farm animals to avoid using them as sources of food (eggs) or fiber (wool, hair). 

However, we understand it is possible to consume eggs of backyard companion chickens and knit with wool of companion sheep without compromising the welfare of the animals - as long as the reason for the adoption is to rescue the animal and not exploit them. And, just like with any other companion animal, there has to be a commitment to provide lifelong appropriate veterinary care and a suitable home, even after the animal stops laying eggs or no longer produces “usable” wool/hair."

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