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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Good Word or Two about New Rattitude... January's COTM

January's COTM is...
nominated by Veronica of ScrappyRat

As we approach the end of the month, Veronica of ScrappyRat wanted to share a good word or two about our January Charity of the Month...

New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue is a nation-wide dog rescue, taking rat terriers and rat terrier mixes into their foster care program. Every dog who is "checked in" receives a veterinary check, and all required vaccinations, heartworm test and monthly preventative as well as spay/neuter. 

Frequently there are dogs who need something more and are featured on the Canines in the Clinic page... like Teko, a 3 month old rat terrier puppy who found himself in a shelter with a dislocated hip and fractured foot. 


Then there's Whimper, who was hit by a car before being turned in as a stray, and is now requiring multiple hip surgeries.


There are plenty of other dogs in need that you can sponsor, including an entire "Heartworm Wing" !

All in all, New Rattitude has helped place over 1000 homeless animals across the U.S. With our continued support, New Rattitude hopes to find homes for another thousand of these adorable dogs, whom sadly are all too common in our nation's shelters.

Rat Terrier Rescue


"New Rattitude, Inc., is an all-volunteer rescue group for Rat Terriers and Rat Terrier mixes. We provide temporary living environments for abandoned, abused, neglected, sick, or unwanted Rat Terriers. In private foster homes, they are nurtured, socialized, trained, supported medically, and provided with professional veterinary care while we work diligently to find them new and permanent adoptive homes where they will be safe, loved, and properly and humanely cared for the rest of their lives.

New Rattitude, Inc., is a non-profit charitable corporation (501(c)3), licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Since we spend more on veterinary care than our low adoption fees cover, we are dependent on public support through charitable, tax deductible donations and fund-raising.

New Rattitude is made up of Rat Terrier lovers all over the country, who join together to help as many dogs as we can. Our network of foster homes is supported by a "staff" of other volunteers who manage a variety of necessary tasks to handle administration, fund-raising, transportation, technology, and so on.

Each dog brought into our network receives a veterinary check, all required vaccinations, heartworm test and monthly preventative, and spay/neuter. Other medical care is sometimes necessary, such as treatment for mange, heartworm disease, gastrointestinal worms, infection, allergies, broken bones, or surgery to correct a variety of ailments. Each of our dogs is microchipped and given a collar tag printed with a unique ID number and our toll-free  Lost Dog Hotline." 

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