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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UP ON TRENDS: Spring Break & Pastel Colors by AlteredGirl

written by Rebecca of AlteredGirl
Logo designed by Eva of CocoNme

Trend #1: Spring Break

Alas, spring break is over for many schools by the end of March, but there are a few schools that push their spring breaks into April. The most popular destinations are definitely beach locations, especially sites in Mexico, Florida, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Las Vegas, Nevada and ocean-side towns in Texas are also seeing a big influx of students.

Some items from Team EFA members that capture the spring break spirit are featured below:

Bright tropical colors and a vintage style swimmer
make this pendant pop!

This looks like a perfect spring break destination,
before the students get there!

These earrings are kitschy fun, perfect for the beach!

Tagging ideas for this theme include:
vacation, travel, beach, ocean, tropical

Trend #2-Pastel Colors

Of course, pastel colors are always in vogue in the spring, especially around the Easter holiday. However, this year pastel colors are trending more than usual. Cosmetics, fashion and home decor are all reflecting this trend. Pale pinks, blues, greens, violets and yellows are the most popular. Team EFA members have many items representing this trend. Here are a few of them:

Peach, yellow and blue pastels blend nicely on this bracelet!

This perfectly pink bowl has so many uses
but also would be beautiful all on it's own!

This little pony looks good enough to eat!

An idea for tagging pastel items:
Take a cue from your crayons and tag with descriptive color names,
such as aquamarine, baby blue, coral, cyan, lavender, lilac, mauve,
peach, periwinkle, pink, salmon, mint green, turquoise and violet.


  1. Nicely done! Really enjoying this feature!

  2. Thank you! I'm having a good time writing it! :)

  3. Sweet! Thanks so much for including my bracelet in this post! What lovely items you've found!

    -Deborah, amaniworks

  4. Great feature! Thank you for including my pony figurine!

  5. Enjoyed this post a lot - thank you!

  6. Fun finds! Thanks for including my pendant!


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