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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

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to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WANTED... A Trends Specialist Volunteer !


A Trends Specialist Volunteer !


Chunky Vintage Pink Ribbed and Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

by AmaniWorks

Team EFA is still looking for a blog writer who'd like to put together visual presentations on our main blog based on Etsy's Merchandising Desk Trends reports. Etsy puts out a feature of upcoming trends at the end of each month on their blog so our ideal candidate would peruse through the report at that time and select some of the themes to highlight on our main blog.

'Up on Trends' would be a weekly (or bi-monthly) blog feature which would be more visual in nature... showing off these selected trend themes with existing efa member tagged product listings.


Are you UP on TRENDS ?

Do you like window shopping thru Team EFA listings ?

Would you like to help market those wares ?

If so, contact me & let's get organized for March !




Your Blog Editor etc

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