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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jewelry designer helps local sea lions by “Save Sea Lions” fundraiser

For Spring/Summer 2010, Long Beach jewelry designer, Tracie Pennypacker, of Un-Conventional, will organize the “Save Sea Lions” fundraiser, on LoveItShop.com. During the event, 25% on select items, will be donated to Marine Mammal Care Center of San Pedro (MMCC). Update your spring/summer look, while helping our sea lion community.

Choose from a vast selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry. Handcrafted using vintage and reclaimed materials, they make a positive impact on an already fragile planet. The MMCC, is a volunteer based non-profit, that rehabilitates injured sea lions to return them to the wild. Spring and summer are trying times for them due to the increase of injured sea lions. They need to ensure they get the supplies they need. There is a long list of daily items needed, plus expensive medical supplies and procedures.

Tracie Pennypacker wants the “Save Sea Lions” fundraiser to have a strong effect on our local community as well as our adjoining sea lion community. It is important to help these injured marine mammals because they deserve a second chance. A number of their injuries are due to their polluted environment, such as ingesting plastic bags and fishing line. Between April 15th- July 15th you can help make a difference. By purchasing the selected jewelry designs, you are donating 25% of your purchase to help MMCC with this cause.

Un-Conventional was founded September 2007, by Tracie Pennypacker. It features a vast selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry. Using 95% vintage and reclaimed materials, it helps preserve our planet. It currently sells at Imonni in Long Beach, The Paper Boutique in Miami, Auntie Rosa in Shibuya Tokyo, and on LoveItShop.com.

To find out more information or to donate to Marine Mammal Care Center go to www.marinemammalcare.org.

Un-Conventional Wearable Art
Tracie Pennypacker
386 Temple Ave. #9
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 480-2222

Mon-Fri 11am-6pm




  1. Wow, this is great! I used to work at the California Wildlife Center, and when ever we rescued a sea lion off the beaches of Malibu we would transport them to this facility. They do great work!

  2. So great!!! ;0) Wonderful, earth friendly, upcycled creations helping animals!

  3. This is my first fundraising event. I have been working hard trying to get it out there! I am so delighted to be featured on the EFA Blog(: I donate 15% year round to MMCC and Save the Turtles, Inc. www.costaricaturtles.org

    Thank you all for supporting our Marine Life!


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