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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giving Little Black Kitties Their Due

Treasury East by VivaLeChat


  1. I have several black cats my biggest black (Fluffy) is about 18 pounds. http://tinyurl.com/4xvkkk

  2. love this treasury, so sweet, and great to celebrate black kitties!!! :)

  3. Yay, thanks! I had a LBK (li'l black kitty) for 17.5 years growing up. They get a bad rep, but I think they're beautiful!

  4. I have a special little black kitty. She arrived in a courtyard as a tiny starving kitten and has been part of our kitty family for the past five years. Definitely not an evil black cat but a special angel who came into my life when needed.

  5. Awww...sweet! We had a wonderful, sweet, loving, very special black kitty for only 4.5 years before she passed away that young from a mystery illness. Even the vet could find no cause after the necropsy. :-( She is still sorely missed.

  6. My first two kitties (first of 19) were little black bundles of fun!! Bobbie grew into a huge blob of love and wimpishness while Josh didn't grow much in size, but big on attitude!! Both gone now, but still share a huge part of my heart :0)


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