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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Bluebrooch

By Elaine of http://bluebrooch.etsy.com , who lives in this beautiful spot.

Not many people have the luxury of living right in the middle of the African bush, but I have!

I have been lucky enough to spend the last 7 years living and working at game lodges in Africa together with my husband. We live in a pretty remote area in South Africa with the closest real civilization 40 minutes away by car. We get to experience life surrounded by creatures big and small every day, elephants in our garden at night, leopard cubs playing tag on the dirt roads and hyena nibbling at our front door! The only little “domestic” treasures that share our lives here are our four finches and Hunter, a golden cocker spaniel by birth but a small human by belief.

I also love all things beautiful and riveted with stories and I like to create unique jewelry as I am not too fond of wearing something that hundreds of others have. My “studio” is our patio where I can watch the bushbuck grazing and I am inspired by things that make the child in all of us come out to play. That could mean an African bangle one day, a dainty flower necklace the next. My jewelry pieces are reminiscent of the charmed life I have here in the bush and the dust around me. These are my charmed treasures, all things whimsical and fun, made of dust and dreams!


  1. All I can say - you live a life some only dream of...like me:-) Thanks for sharing and I'm glad that dreams still come true.

    Have a blessed day,

  2. THANK YOU !!! I find it pretty amazing myself... :)


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