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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Policy Page Update on Etsy

This is the start of a very important article that has just appeared on Etsy's News pages. It is something that every seller should take note of as it is in our best interests to promote ourselves to the maximum on Etsy. I know Michele will ensure that the EFA store policy is up to the mark and I advise you to the same.


Dear Sellers,

We're all very excited to introduce the newest shop feature: The Shop Policy Page! Currently, most sellers post their shops' policies in either their shop announcement or profile, but we figured these areas can be better utilized for other your bio or promotions and news about your shop; it's time to give policies a special home. We hope that adding a new feature like this will help the communications between buyers and sellers, making transactions smoother and easier. Now there's a clear place where buyers can look for extra purchase guidelines and info, and sellers can worry less about any important information going unnoticed.

There are now links to your Policy Page from your main Shop page, right in between the link to your Profile and Favorites. Also, a link to your Policies will be included in each listing in your shop. You can edit your Policy Page from the Your Etsy page.

We are not requiring that sellers enter information into their Policy Pages; we welcome users to post their policies wherever they like. But we encourage it! Here is an introduction to the Shop Policy Page as well as some tips on what to consider when creating or modifying your shop's policy.

The following sections are available on the Policy Page; if you do not enter information into the section, its heading will NOT appear on your shop's Policy Page:

1. Welcome
Here you can welcome buyers to your policies; feel free to talk a little about your shop and your handmade or vintage items and supplies. Keep in mind that this is a buyer's first impression of your customer service. A message to let users know about your philosophy and creative process would be a great thing to include in your Welcome section.

2. Payment
Use this space to notify buyers of your shop's accepted payment types and deadlines for submitting payment.

3. Shipping
This is where to explain how you ship your items and when, if you offer upgrades or other options and what to do if a buyer has special shipping requests.

4. Refunds and Exchanges
Let your buyers know whether or not you can accept returns or exchanges on some/any/all of your items and if they have a time frame for contacting you regarding a return. If you do not offer refunds for shipping errors (ie. getting lost or damaged in the mail), this is a good place to mention that.

5. Additional Information
Do you welcome wholesale and consignment inquiries or custom Alchemy orders? This is the place to let everyone know! If you have any other tidbits that didn't quite fit into the other sections, go ahead and add them here.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, El will be putting up the efa shop policy, and I need to make one for my shop too :)


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