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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Covered in Poop, Overwhelmed with Kittens by Kitty Bungalow, May's COTM

Covered in Poop, 
Overwhelmed with Kittens
by Kitty Bungalow Charm School
for Wayward Cats

May's Charity Of The Month
nominated by Corinna of TheFrogBag

As a volunteer fueled animal rescue, we work year round endeavoring to end the proliferation of homeless cats being born on the hard city streets.  We do this every day by providing free spay neuters, humane traps, socialization and adoption. Although we work year round, it is now, Kitten Season, as it is called, when our jobs are the toughest, and cutest of the year.

Our volunteers come in as early as 8 am and stay through the night, yesterday's shift left at 11 pm.  The volunteers look nice when they come in, many come after work or a meeting, but it doesn't take long until they are covered in the Kitty Bungalow Class uniform--poop!

During kitten season we get dozens of distress calls a week from people finding newborn kittens in what they thought was just a lonely shrub, or discover that their old garage has suddenly begun mewing. Many times they find kittens abandoned without their mama, and these kittens need round the clock attention. 

They not only need to be bottle  fed every two hours but we need to stimulate their business, hence how we all get covered in poo. It is not always the nicest poo either,  as these cats are coming from the streets and no one has seen medical attention before. 

70% of the kittens we take in to the Bungalow suffer from icky poo. There are medical terms like coccidia, giardia, roundworm etc, but no matter what you call it, it's icky.  Thankfully the treatment is easy and recovery is quick but the process itself is expensive, from the fecal tests to fecal panels to the various medications needed. Then there is the baby formula that the kittens go through at an incredible pace. We easily go through $150 of formula and baby food a week.

That is the basics of kitten season, the nuts and bolts. the milk and poop if you would. But then there is the Cute. Loads and loads of Cute, Cute seeping in from every corner, the kind of cute that makes poop smell like roses! 

It is hard to to say NO to the cute kitten face. It is hard not to giggle when you see them  learning to pounce. It is hard not to talk in a baby voice when you ask them if they want more bottle. The babies come to think of you as Mama Cat, and they run in happiness towards you as soon as they hear your voice. As much poop as we gather in our shift it is always eclipsed by the amount of Cute.  

And know that while you are buying EFA's awesome goods... as their COTM, it is our poopy milky babies that will be reaping the benefits.

But most importantly know why spaying and neutering is so important. Kittens ARE cute, but there is plenty to go around. Spread the word of spay neuter in your community, especially for the stray street cat. We can make a difference ! 


ViSiT their Website
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