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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

March's COTM is… Recycled Doggies

March's COTM is…
Recycled Doggies

Nominated by Heather of TheBlueWindmill
Blog Feature written by Heather
Photographs courtesy of Recycled Doggies

March’s Charity of the Month 
is Recycled Doggies !

“This is an all-volunteer, foster home-based rescue that helps Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area shelter dogs, one by one, escape certain death and find their forever homes. We believe that amazing dogs are abandoned at shelters all the time. Our mission is to help these animals put their best paw forward and find them a loving forever home. We recycled unwanted shelter dogs into wonderful pets!”

Recycled Doggies was started by former volunteers of a Kentucky shelter. All of the dogs are fostered in volunteer homes until they are adopted. There is no shelter or facility of any kind. The dogs are pulled from shelters, nursed back to health, cleaned up, and socialized before being placed for adoption at weekend adoption events.

Their focus is saving dogs who are on death row and who may not have put their “best paws forward”. They do not accept owner surrenders or strays since all dogs come directly from shelters. 

Recycled Doggies is run by a team of devoted volunteers who do not take a salary nor are compensated for their time and efforts. They are solely reliant on adoption fees and donations for medical bills, vet care, and food. 

All age-appropriate vaccinations are given to the dogs and included in their $175.00 adoption fee. The dogs are also de-wormed, spayed/neutered, and microchipped,  Blood work, dental, and other medical tests and treatments may be given as recommended by their vet. The adoption fee remains the same even for dogs who have special needs or required further medical treatments.

On Recycled Doggies adoption paperwork, all potential adopters or co-applicants must be the head of household and at least 21 years of age. No dog is put in their care until an application for adoption has been fully approved. 

Adopting a Recycled Dog is a wonderful way to save a life while at the same time gaining a very special new family member into one's home! 


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  1. great charity! Isn't just hard to believe that those sweet faces were on death row. So many good dogs lost, this sounds like a great group hope we raise a lot of $$.

  2. Thanks so much!
    great charity!
    Love the pics!


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