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Friday, December 20, 2013

EMERGENCY Weekend Fundraiser for The Whiskers' Syndicate

Weekend Fundraiser for
The Whiskers' Syndicate
written by Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals 
Photos courtesy of TWS

Good day EFA peeps and cat supporters worldwide.

I have a special announcement & mission relating to an *emergency* fund raiser that I'd like to put forward today. It relates to an expense for a much needed item that our COTM recipient, The Whiskers' Syndicate is in need of rather urgently.

If you havent already had a chance to familiarize yourself with our Charity of the Month and the challenges that they are facing at the moment... you can view our second COTM blog feature outlining their specific difficulties in detail.

The short of it is… that the residuals of the typhoon that hit the Philippines last month caused excessive rain storms in Bandung, Indonesia where The Whiskers' Syndicate is located and as a consequence- the roof to their cattery was damaged. Estimated costs of repairs on fixing that and getting this unique cat sanctuary back on their feet is $5600. As of today, the PitchIn for this specific fund raising event is at $890- so they are only 15% there with 85% yet to be donated.

I'm sure you will all agree that Christmas Miracles are much needed at this time.

Apart from the roof repairs, part of this $5600 budget is/was to purchase four large cages to help keep safe those felines that have fallen ill with all the original flooding and from further recurring flooding issues since the roof remains un-repaired. The grounds are so saturated- drainage is slow, if at all existent and all new incoming rain compounds the problem further.

The Whiskers' Syndicate is home to forty felines and with a very small sized main house- all forty of them are having to seek shelter in it. Due to these stressful conditions- some of the cats are having behavioral issues so a time-out space is also needed. There's half a dozen reasons I can give you why having these cages are essential right now: sick cats, pregnant strays, misbehavin', healing from injuries, shy newcomers, safe haven from roofers are six good reasons right there.

The EXCiTiNG news is that Ace Hardware is having an end of year sale and two cages have already been acquired at a 15% discount. Another two are on order and should be arriving within the next 24hrs. So inspite of only having 15% of the fundraiser in, so far, the four cages that were on the budget list will have been purchased at a discount and their benefits put into action right away.

Here's the rub: the truth is… four cages arent enough but funds cannot be diverted for another two needed cages since they are not on the budget. That doesnt mean they are not essential- it just means that saving for the roof work must come first despite the compromised day to day situation.

Ace Hardware will only be receiving 6 cages THIS weekend- & two of those have already sold to The Whiskers' Syndicate. I would like to propose a separate fundraiser to purchase two more cages *within the next few days*. Their cost is an approximate $240 but only if we can urgently snag two more up at the discount *right away*. This is not a pressure tactic- this is simply the reality check on achieving our goal this weekend. 

The emergency situation at this sanctuary makes everything a 'make it or break it' deal. You simply cannot imagine what its like to do rescue work in Bandung, Indonesia. Many would have given up by now, but not Josie, so please - can you spare some of your dollars for this ? or if you prefer, donate to the bigger goal of getting the roof repairs done ! It looks so bleak at the moment… but if everyone puts in a little- it would help a lot.


(For this cage fundraiser… You can click on the PitchIn above to make a donation… 48 people donating $5 each would make another two cages a much needed reality… or 24 with $10 to spare would be just grand too. less or more ? Great- whatever works for you… we cant do this without you.) YAY WE DIT IT - WAY TO GO !!!

You can find the main PitchIn for TWS in the left hand column of this blog under TWS' logo… if you dont see it but see the image of an electric saver plug instead- click on that for it to load. That's the PitchIn for the cages. If you want to donate to the roof repair- click the logo above it instead.

The Whiskers' Syndicate is a private animal/cat sanctuary, they are the first, and only one operating in the breeder capital of Indonesia... a country without animal welfare, where even vets are backyard breeders.

ViSiT their WEBSiTE
LiKE their Facebook

Thank you for your consideration 
your time and help are truly appreciated !

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