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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Rescue Story about Squirrels by WildLife Welfare... March's COTM

nominated by Veronica of ScrappyRat

from our Charity of the Month
WildLife Welfare

One of our wonderful rehabbers worked to reunite a mother squirrel and her babies. 

A little family of squirrels was living within a human home. A member of a wildlife removal service removed the three-week old, eyes closed babies and set a Havahart trap for Mama Squirrel before dark. 

The babies are taken to a Wildlife Welfare rehabber so they can be given hydrating fluid so they don't dehydrate too badly before we can get Mama Squirrel. Overnight, Mama Squirel has been caught in the Havahart trap. The rehabilitator picked up Mama Squirrel and took them to be reunited with her babies. 

A nesting box is filled with fluffy blankets and the babies are snuggled inside it. The nesting box is then hung in an outdoor squirrel cage which has been stocked with fresh water and a big bowl of goodies. Mama Squirrel is then placed in the cage. 

Mama Squirrel is furious and frantic. Ten minutes later she discovers the nesting box containing her two girls and she is a completely different squirrel. She's in the box looking out through the door and she is completely calm.  

Below is a photo of the two little girls.

You've Found a Baby Squirrel 
What Do You Do Next ? 
by Tricia Hoover of WW

If you find a baby squirrel on the ground... then look for more. 

There are usually 3-5 babies in a nest. They make a very high pitched cry that is similar to a bird’s chirp.This will help you locate any that may be hiding under ground cover. If the baby/babies look healthy and feel warm, place them in a cardboard box lined with a small, dark colored towel--- not too deep but, deep enough to keep the baby from crawling.

Fill a Ziplock bag with warm water and place under the towel to keep the babies warm. Nail it to the side of the tree just high enough for you to be able to look inside it from time to time. Wait several hours while watching for mom. Keep kids, dogs and cats away allowing the mother squirrel time to collect her babies. 

Call a rehabber after 3-4 hours if the mom does not return. An injured baby, a baby that has been found by a cat even if it appears uninjured, one that is weak, dehydrated, or flea infested must be taken to a rehabilitator. Place this baby in a small box lined with a towel, add a heat source (heating pad on low, warm water bottle, or place rice in a sock and microwave until warm,) do not give food or water and call a rehabilitator immediately.





  1. Great information and adorable pictures!

  2. Interesting information and cute baby pictures too (what more could you ask for in a post? ;o)

    Looks like another terrific charity!

  3. This was a great post, and the pictures are so adorable! Really enjoyed!


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