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Sunday, November 18, 2012

URGENT: Donating Pet Food to Sandy Victims Area / Making Chew Toys for their Shelter Animals


Two pet animal advocates- Susan from Truth ABout Pet Foods and Mollie of Poisoned Pets have announced a PET FOOD DRIVE where two online retailers, Brehon Pet Supply Outlet and Chewy dot com, are teaming up with a NJ feed farm supplier and a NY vet to distribute food donations that are going out to the needy victims of  Hurricane Sandy, many of whom are still without power & heat after all this time!

Folks that are in a position to make a purchase of FROMM food through Brehons will receive a 20% discount when entering coupon code SANDY and your donation will be delivered to the Staten Island emergency vet for distribution.

Alternatively, the second retailer: Chewy.com is adding $20 worth of food to orders that are being placed for donation- so you can pick & choose what you want to donate & all of it will be shipped to Mike's Feed Farm in Riverdale, NJ for distribution.

Background information on all these parties as well as detailed instructions can be viewed clearly HERE including some phone numbers in case you want to speak to someone in person. 

One source says CANNED FOOD is more in need at the moment as well as CAT FOOD but whatever you choose to donate, i'm sure the recipients will be immensely grateful for it. 

Imagine what it would feel like if your household had been hit by Sandy and everyone was huddled up trying to stay warm... or if you were displaced & your fur babies were having to live at the shelter- some of whom are operating on generators and flashlights. Wow- not easy and certainly not pleasant.

click HERE to read more about it


Also, we have been told that animals in shelters are in NEED OF CHEW TOYS to keep them entertained and it occurred to me that we as crafters could MAKE SOME UP for donation. One of our Team members is going to contact shelters in the effected areas to get clear about their needs which we hear are: potty pads, chew toys, (collars & leashes?) and of course, food !!!

As proposed via our Yahoo Groups email, a few EFA members have already contacted me regarding making toys. We have an excellent tutorial already written up on how to make tug toys- they can be made from fleece or t-shirts fabric and in various sizes for cats and dogs alike. Click HERE to view that tutorial. 

If you'd like to participate in OPERATION CHEW TOYS a Team project of goodwill, pls contact Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals.

Thank you !


  1. I scheduled 6 tweets for the next several days and will randomly tweet in between those.

  2. I love you guys! You are the best!

  3. Awesome way to get involved and help out!

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  5. Thank you for clarifying everything Nicole and I will think about what to donate. Waiting for the end of the month would mean more money in Sky's shop (I hope). But it seems the need is now.

    A caution about chew toys. For anyone making them, please be sure they are not made from fabrics that can be ripped or pulled at resulting in long threads. These threads can get tangled in intestines. I'm thinking of our Shiashi on the operating table and watching the vet pulling strings out of her intestine which was blocked. They can also cause problems coming out. We found fleece to be the best and anything towel-like or with loops of thread is the worst.

    Hope we can get together as a team and help - and no, I can't imagine how tough this is for both people and animals.

  6. THANKS Patty, Corinna, Sherry and Emily for spreading the word !

    GRATITUDE to Lisa for pointing out the dangers of using the wrong fabric material... i just completed 20 tuggy toys using clean polar fleece scraps. I'm pleased and look forward to distributing them to needy animals :)

  7. Nicole, I'll be emailing you.

    Money is tight, but I can make some toys!


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