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Monday, February 21, 2011

How about a Pet Snake ?

How about a Pet Snake ?
written by Patty of CatCalls

Garter Snake

Snakes are no. 8 in the top 10 most popular pets according to internet sources. Whether true or not, it IS true that snakes are kept as pets by many people, I bet you know someone who has or has had them!

Corn snakes, garter snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, ball pythons, and gopher snakes are some of the most popular snakes kept as pets.

Do your research before you buy! If you are considering such a pet, there are several facts about snakes to keep in mind before choosing one.

~ They are known to live for at least 15 - 20 years.

~ A snake demands a lot of attention and is also quite an investment. Be ready to take care of the expenses.

~ Choose a captive bred snake from a breeder not a wild one as they do NOT adapt well as pets.

Corn Snake

~ Ask your breeder to demonstrate feeding the snake once - you may have to feed rats and mice and must get over your squeamishness!

~ His home must be large enough to accommodate 2/3rd of its adult body height and be escape proof!

~ The snake should not be too fat or too thin. It should not be shedding when you take it home. Ensure that it flicks its tongue at regular intervals.

~ Snakes have temperaments just like other pets. Observe him before buying!

King Snake

Once you have decided a snake is the pet for you, you will be giving him the same amount of care as any other pet.

~ It is preferable to feed your pet snake pre-killed prey. Giving him a live rodent may result in a wrestling match that can cause injuries to your pet. Also consider your convenience and the expense of breeding live animals as feed for your pet.

~ Snakes are incapable of regulating body temperature. He will need a warm spot and cooler spot in his enclosure.

~ Make sure you have a vet in mind before bringing your pet home as it is a good idea to get him checked for parasites.

~ Always keep clean water in the enclosure and ensure that it's at room temperature. Your snake will need water for drinking and soaking itself.

Gopher Snake

~ Do not constantly handle your pet snake. Some species have been reported to get stressed.

~ Do not keep more than one snake in one enclosure. Snakes are cannibalistic and solitary reptiles.

~ Do not keep a snake as a pet in a house that has children who are under the age of 5.

~ Develop a routine for your snake whether this concerns the time you spend with it, or the cleaning of its enclosure.

Ball Python

If you follow these practices, you could be the happy owner of a happy snake for a very long time...


  1. Thanks so much Patty !
    Sounds like you've had quite the personal zoo over the years :)

  2. Thanks, Nicole! As creepy as they may be, I think they are just beautiful!

  3. Thanks for bringing up feeding pre-killed animals instead of live. Readers considering a reptile need to know that for a number of reasons, including humane ones and nutritional ones, frozen animals (thawed, of course) are a preferable option to the "death match 2000" feeding a live animal is. Not the least of reasons to feed frozen vs. live is that the snake isn't always the winner in the fight. Rescues I've worked with have received rats who have survived their face off(s) with a snake. At least one of our adopters acquired one of her pet rats when her brother presented her with a little guy he referred to as the "$700 rat" because of the rat's very pricey diet that included his exotic snake. Even if you don't care for rodents, do it for your reptile. They're counting on you to protect them.
    And, if I may mention one more tip...if you want to get a snake, please consider adoption! Many beautiful reptiles of all kinds are waiting to be adopted from traditional animal shelters as well as animal rescues. Check PetFinder and call your local animal control adoption center, too. They need happy homes like yours!

  4. I love snakes! I've never actually kept one as a pet (geckos are my herp, usually) but I think putting this information out there is great! Thanks so much for writing such a great article!

  5. I would agree with 90% of this blog. Snakes are great pets, especially if you don't have the time committments for something like a dog (I travel 2-3 day stretches for work). For an entry-level snake, I would say that corn snakes and ball pythons are the most popular for their unique patterns/colorations and temperment. Each species of snake has its own characteristics, so watch out for that. For example, I love milksnakes but they simply don't like to be handled for the most part. Even the captive bred ones are very "high strung". lol. Love snakes!


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