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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

JAN 2011 EFA COTM: Carolina Pet Rescue


written by Veronica of scrappyrat

Carolina Pet Rescue takes in animals of nearly every species kept as a pet. From iguanas to macaws to dogs, cats, rats and tiny mice, they treat every animal with equal respect and dignity. Size, truly, isn't everything.

Most of the animals at CPR are pets who have been abandoned at shelters around the Triangle region of North Carolina (That's Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and an assortment of suburbs, for those who aren't familiar with the area.)

Most traditional animal shelters are set up primarily for the care and rehoming of dogs and cats, with few resources for small pets and exotics. This is where CPR steps in. While they can't take every single animal in due to limited foster space and resources, they aim to help as many of these animals as they can by bringing them into their foster care program.

When they arrive at triage, the animals are vetted, treated for parasites, then they are observed and quarrantined for several weeks to ensure that they aren't carrying anything contageous before being brought to a more long-term foster home. Once there, the foster volunteer spends time with the pet, socializing them and helping them to trust humans again so they can be adopted into a permanent home.

waiting for a home !

A lot of people are surprised to learn that quite a few animals at CPR were strays before arriving in their care. Unfortunately people dump rats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. out in the streets to fend for themselves, just as they do with dogs and cats.

Sometimes people think these animals will "go free", but they are no more likely to "run free" when left on the side of the road than a human child would. Often the animal stands in the same spot, hoping that their human will return for them.

CPR is dedicated to caring for animals and ensuring that their lives get a lot better once they arrive in their care. Through careful screening of potential adopters as well as providing educational materials, events, and volunteer counselors to help answer any questions and provide assistance when needed, CPR ensure that the homes they choose for the animals they help are safe, knowledgeable, and permanent. In this way, they make certain that the animals they help need never feel unloved again.

Stay tuned throughout this month for further articles & information about this Charity... click HERE to visit their website: a wonderful place filled with eager critters waiting to greet you... plus oodles of stories and resource information.

Click HERE to make a donation to CPR or if you prefer, purchase an item from an EFA member that supports our COTM program, click HERE to view those listings !

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  1. What a wonderful COTM... Brizel4TheAnimals is happy to support EFA's Charity of the Month through Silk Tapestry box sales !

  2. What a wonderful charity! I cannot believe all the animals they help!!
    Glad to help as well!


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