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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Support FARM SANCTUARY thru petition signing II

presented by Heather of thebluewindmill

Truth Behind the Labels:

Help Make “Organic” Mean Something

An organic label means that the product is free of chemicals but when it comes to animals it does not mean much. It does not necessarily mean that these farm animals are well-cared-for creatures happily roaming through picturesque green open pastures and that they are properly fed and watered, living a life that is free of the disease and suffering.

Organically-raised farm animals must be given ‘outdoor access’, but ‘outdoor access’ is not adequately defined, and organic farmers can cram tens of thousands of egg-laying hens into dark, dirty warehouses, with only a single door leading out to a tiny concrete slab.”

In regards to animal welfare, the “failures” of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) are getting more attention and now is the time to “promote transparency and lessen suffering” by taking a moment to “e-mail Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and encourage him to prevent factory farmers from misleading consumers by calling themselves ‘organic’.”


That’s NOT Natural !

Cows and pigs need fresh air, sunlight and open space to engage in natural behaviors such as grazing and rooting for food, taking mud baths, and raising their young.”

Cramped crates aren’t natural living conditions for calves and sows!”

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently allowed companies to slap a “naturally raised” label on meat” where the animals were raised in “unnatural”, intensely “confined” conditions of factory farms. Such inappropriate untrue labeling “misleads the public and exploits consumer trust in advertising and packaging claims and in government regulation of agriculture”.

Let the USDA know you won’t stand for such deceptive claims. Tell them their “naturally raised” label is not natural!”


Remind Officials that Ohioans Demand

an End to Cruel Factory Farming Practices

More than 500 citizens, including members of Farm Sanctuary and other concerned volunteers in Ohio, signed a petition to place an initiative on the statewide ballot to “ban cruel farming practices in Ohio”. “In light of this enormous support, and shortly before the signatures were submitted, agribusiness came to the table and an agreement was brokered by Ohio’s Governor Strickland to ban and phase out several needless and cruel practices in Ohio.”

The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, which has been discussing new standards proposals over the last several months, have been contacted by concerned citizens at the urging of Farm Sanctuary, and they have made a difference! The Board “acknowledged the volume of comments they’ve received from concerned Ohioans at past meetings.”

In order to follow through with their end of the deal, the board will need to adopt all the provisions of the agreement before December 31!”

Keep the pressure on” by signing this petition (anyone can not just Ohians) !


Ask University of Pittsburgh

Medical Center

to Stop Using Pigs in

Trauma Training Procedures

95% of medical centers have transitioned to “human-based training methods,” but the University of Pittsburgh is not one of the. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) continues to use live pigs in their Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) courses!

ATLS courses teach medical professionals methods for responding to acute trauma injuries.”

Many of the procedures performed are invasive and cause animals pain and suffering!

Farm Sanctuary knows that “pigs are sensitive, social animals who don’t deserve to be subjected to these cruel and unnecessary procedures.”

The American College of Surgeons has already approved several non-animal training procedures for these courses, including a human-based simulator called TraumaMan. It’s time that UPMC gets on board with these advancements and stops using pigs in ATLS courses!”

Send a quick message to UPMC Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Marshall Webster, M.D., urging him to extend compassion to animals and end the use of live pigs in ATLS training courses.”


All information was obtained from Farm Sanctuary:


Read Heather's introductory article

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