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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tranquility Trail Emergency Bunny Rescue - Donations Needed!

Maybe we can all give a little extra help for the June COTM!

Thank you!

Brenna (http://DiggerBren.etsy.com)

Here is the address that takes you directly to their emergency page.


The following text and photos are directly from their webpage:

TTAS was contacted about a backyard situation out of control in Phoenix. We have spent the last two days catching, sexing and separating the bunnies. We are up to 100 bunnies with many still in burrows and numerous pregnant females. Our detailed plan to get the situation under control and what supplies/volunteers will follow. We have set-up an Emergency Rescue Fund that will be used exclusively for this rescue operation. Funds will be used for medical treatment and spay/neuters. We estimate the cost for this portion of the operation to be $8000-$10,000. If you would like to make a donation, please visit http://www.tranquilitytrail.org/Donation_Center.html and note Emergency Rescue Fund.

We've also compiled a list of things that we need to make this rescue a success.  Items can be dropped off at the sanctuary at any time during business hours.  Feel free to call us if you come across anything that may be useful to our rescue mission.

Emergency Rescue List of Needed Supplies

Paper towels

White vinegar

Syringes for medication

Disposable surgical gowns and booties

Mobile Air Conditioning Units and Fans


Litter – Carefresh, Yesterday’s News or Wood Stove Pellets


Chicken wire

Pavers or bricks

Vegetables for nursing mothers

Gift card for hardware stores, grocery stores, Costco, Staples, gas stations

Copy paper

Space – empty offices, warehouses, houses for temporary housing

Spay/neuter services

Towels and blankets

Toys for the bunnies

Monetary donations

Photo printer

Camcorder for documentation

Large Rubbermaid type storage containers

Large storage shed or container for bales of hay

Spray bottles

Please feel free to contact us at: (480) 406-7301 or email: info@tranquilitytrail.org with any questions.

Thank you!  We sincerely appreciate your help and support!

Address to mail or drop off donations
Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary
7701 East Gray Road
Suite 6
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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  1. Sending lots of best bunny wishes in all your endeavors !!!
    Thank you so much for all your efforts :)


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