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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Shared by Andrea of http://everydogsdelight.etsy.com, an EFA member and AKSPCA volunteer

Our History

The Alaska SPCA was founded more than three decades ago by Ethel Christianson, (a woman way ahead of the times), with the belief that animals, as living creatures, are entitled to basic rights to their care, treatment and protection. As a result, the organization has been involved in helping to alleviate animal suffering throughout the state of Alaska.

* We rescue state-wide with assistance from other agencies. 7 malemutes were recently rescued from the Kenai Peninsula and are being taken care of at our adoption center and will find forever homes!

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect animals from cruelty; advocate their moral and ethical treatment; provide them with shelter and care when in need; educate the public on responsible pet ownership; and provide the community with a low-cost spay and neuter program.

Our Programs

Pet Adoption: We are dedicated to a successful, lifetime placement of our animals to loving, committed homes. The adoption center is located at a different site than our Thrift Shop/Clinic which is side-by-side in our strip mall location.

Thrift Shop: Net proceeds from our Thrift Shop sales directly benefit the programs and animals of the Alaska SPCA.

Fix-A-Feline Program: This is a great program where AKSPCA spays and neuters felines for little to no cost. Veterinary services are donated by Dr. Kelly Reagan in our Mobile Spay and Neuter Van. We "fixed" 335 kittens in 2008 and 2009 numbers will be out soon! .

Fat Cat Inn II: Located within the Thrift Shop, this "satellite-shelter" houses rescued cats and kittens who are ready for adoption. This was built by a volunteer and materials donated from SBS.

Spay Clinic: The Alaska SPCA offers discounted spay and neuter services as well as vaccinations and micro-chipping. .

Memorial Lane Pet Cemetery: Located in Willow, AK, this peaceful sanctuary is the final resting place of many beloved companion animals.

Fat Cat Inn Adoption Center

Thrift Store

Items that Sell:

+ Artwork

+ Antiques

+ Books

+ Clothing/Shoes (usable and unstained)

+ Exercise Equipment

+ Furniture (unbroken and unstained)

+ Games (with all the pieces only, please)
+ Housewares (not chipped or stained)

+ Jewelry

+ Knicknacks

+ Magazines

+ Towels/Bedding (usable and unstained)

+ TVs (with remotes – no dial tuners)

Shelter Cats

Canine Play Area

Our Goal

We are dedicated to the successful and lifetime placement of our animals with loving homes. A new pet is a lifelong commitment. We take that commitment seriously, and we expect our adoption families to take it seriously too. We make every effort to find the right home for each animal, so when you apply for one of our animals, please be prepared to complete a thorough application, personal interview, and provide references.

Adoption Process

We implement a thorough application-screening process with a mandatory 24-hour waiting period. If approved, you start a 10-day trial adoption. If the trial period goes well, and you decide to adopt your new family member, you will return to the Adoption Center to finalize the process.

Adopting a Shelter Animal

These are sheltered, homeless animals that are not always perfect in every way. They may need extra time to adjust or have unforeseen behavioral or medical problems. While we strive for successful placement by providing as healthy, well socialized animals as possible, we can only provide any history we have received, collected, or observed from staff or volunteers during their stay.

****We also have a great group of Etsy artists that have donated a large amount of artwork and handmade creations. We are very happy and grateful to have such great support from all over the world!

****We received a $1,000 donation from the Greater Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge with Petfinder which was used for a much needed repairs at our Adoption Center!


  1. This is a wonderful cause, I'm so happy to have donated some goodies to sell in the thrift shop to help the animals, and so happy that EFA can work together to help, thanks to Andrea and all who work to help the AKSPCA, and EFA members who have/will donate items/funds to help :)


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