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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Christina about Lab Rescue in CT/NY

From Christina of http://esmeraldadesigns.etsy.com

From labrador retriever rescue of CT/NY
Roxy's story

On April 2, 2009, 8-year-old yellow female Roxy, as well as her 2-yr-old
black male son and 5-month-old yellow female daughter, were taken into
rescue after being abandoned in their home. Roxy had been hit by a car 3
weeks prior, but had not received any medical attention and was unable to
walk on her right rear leg. X-rays revealed that the impact of the car had
completely rotated the head of the femur out of the hip socket. In addition
to her injuries, Roxy had been completely over-bred with back-to-back puppy
litters and also had a severe skin condition caused by allergies that were
never treated. Her eyes were so inflamed that they barely opened and her
ears were severely infected as well. At our vet's office, there wasn't a dry
eye when she arrived. Amazingly, given the pain that she was in, she was
still able to wag her tail! Roxy is a survivor of the worst animal cruelty
but has gotten a second chance to be shown kindness by human beings.
However, she still has a long road ahead of her to full recovery.

November, 2009. Little did we know that Roxy was pregnant when she came
into rescue and went to her foster home. Two weeks into foster care, Roxy
whelped 9 puppies very unexpectedly. Unfortunately, all of her treatments
had to be postponed while she was nursing the puppies. After the pups were
weaned, we resumed Roxy's care. All the puppies were adopted!

She was treated by Dr. Emily Rothstein, a veterinary dermatologist. Roxy had
one of the most severe cases of bacterial dermatitis she had ever treated.
Roxy's eyes and ears were affected, as well as most of her body. A
combination of antibiotics, medicated baths, topical medications and a raw
diet has improved her skin issues dramatically. Because of the years of
neglect, Roxy's immune system was very reactive and sensitive. Environmental
allergies have also been another source of her skin issues. She continues
her treatment in foster care and it is unlikely that she will have 100% coat
re-growth. Her dislocated hip has healed on it¹s own and surgery was not
recommended because of her poor reaction to anesthesia. Instead, daily
exercise to build up muscle mass around her hip socket is seeing results.
She shows no sign of pain nor favors the hip that was injured. She continues
to be monitored by Dr. Rothstein for skin issues. Roxy is a labrador with
great heart and spirit. She is a happy girl, finally playing with toys, very
affectionate and always wanting to please. She sees joy in simple things,
loves the comforts of home, her favorite chair and lives each day to the
fullest. Roxy continues to heal and for that we are most grateful to her
foster parents. We continue to need help with her medical expenses. Thank
you to everyone who has helped already! If you would like to contribute,
please use the Paypal donation link below. We hope you enjoy the new
pictures, as well as pictures of her puppies. Bless you from Roxy and all of
us here at LRRCT!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a story! Labs are amazing, aren't they? I'm so happy to hear that she has a loving foster family and is living the life she deserves.

  2. Such a sad story but a happy ending! Great that there are rescues like this one helping animals in terrible situations like Roxy.

  3. Labs are amazing, truly and seeing her improvement and that she and her totally cute puppies are safe. This rescue group believe there is hope for each and every dog ...

  4. Can you post a link to the paypal address? I don't see the button to donate and would like to post this on my facebook page hoping for some donations from other animal lovers♥
    Poor pup~ Thank God she got the help she needed from some wonderful people!

  5. That will be great, here's how to donate; http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/labrescuect.html#donate


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