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Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Charity of the Month: HSMO

From Michelle of http://michellevielle.etsy.com;

When I read the article in TIME about the Humane Society of Missouri's
amazing rescue of over 500 dogs (who later gave birth to 100 puppies)
from a fighting ring-- the largest dog rescue in U.S. history!--I
wanted to find a way to help. When I saw the individual portraits and
descriptions of some of the rescued dogs (mostly pitbulls), it broke
my heart to think of them being tortured.

I have wonderful memories of living with a sweet pitbull named Tondu
who was the most loyal friend-- and biggest lapdog-- anyone could ask
for. When we went camping by the river, he would whimper when he saw
me go in the water and would jump in after me to "save" me. When I lay
down to rest, nothing would make him happier than to climb up on top
of me; he never understood why he wasn't a 2 lb puppy anymore, and I
always felt sorry for having to push his hulking body off of me so I
could breathe!-- and yet, here I see pictures of pitbulls with
mutilated limbs that needed to be amputated, dogs missing lips and
ears, and some dogs too scared to even come out of their pen:
http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1942909,00.html The
thought of someone doing that to Tondu is too much.

The Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) has the daunting task of taking
care of, rehabilitating, and finding homes for hundreds of tortured
dogs. To make matters worse, it takes a real animal lover to adopt a
previously tortured pitbull, but most animal lovers already have a pet
and/or children-- and a rescued fighting dog can not be adopted into a
house with other pets or children. This seriously slows down the
process of finding loving homes and a happy ending to this story.

The GOOD NEWS is that many of these dogs are able to be rehabilitated
and can be adopted-- some were immediately sweet and affectionate to
their rescuers!-- and some dogs, like Big Red (pictured here:
already "scramble into any available lap"! However, the HSMO Animal
Cruelty Fund needs all the help we can give. That's why I am so
thrilled that HSMO is the Etsy For Animals' January Charity of the
month! Please consider donating the sales from some of your artwork
for this cause, and spread the word!


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