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Monday, September 17, 2007

Help Lacy Love at the lunastar Shop

You can help by contributing to the LacyFund, adopting one of Lacy Love's pups, and by sharing this story to your friends.

Carrie at the lunastar shop on etsy is fund raising for her cockapoo Lacy Love who is now a mother of eight puppies.

Unfortunately, Lacy Love had seizures from Eclampsia just 4 hours after delivery. Carrie had to rush her to the ER vet. They gave her the medicine she needed to save her life but could not give an RX for continued care as Carrie could not afford the expense. Lacy Love is still at risk as she sits panting and her heart racing and with a fever of 104.

Eclampsia is called "milk fever" because the calcium has been depleted so badly from the body that she is unable to uptake any oral replacement. So, she needs calcium shots. Her heart races because calcium is one of the minerals that regulates the heart beat.

Carrie has been feeding Lacy Love tums and cottage cheese as prescribed by the vet and stays up with Lacy Love all night.

She essentially needs a real vet to give continued care and to get an RX for the calcium she needs after a blood draw. She only received emergency care the 2 nights post seizure event. Lacy Love was turned away by two vet clinics already because of the "pay up front" requirement.

Currently, Lacy Love's puppies are being hand fed by Carrie's mother to keep the puppies from feeding from Lacy Love. The puppies are a cocker spaniel, poodle, chihuahua. They are white with black cow spots and are expected to grow to no more than 18 pounds.

You can read more about Carrie's story at her shop and in the forums.

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